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In-depth training in using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool launching 31st July!

I’m excited to announce that my course in using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool is going to launch on Monday 31st July!

I’ve put my heart and soul in to this course as well as all my experience and expertise. My aim with this course is to support you to become confident, effective, safe and technically competent practitioners in using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool.

This in-depth course contains everything I wish I had known when I started out using Minecraft in my work with clients!

There’s a huge library of instruction videos included (for all of the 3 main editions of Minecraft: Java, Bedrock and Minecraft Education). I’ve also included ideas for activities and ways you can use Minecraft therapeutically. By completing this course you should have the confidence to integrate your own therapeutic approach in to your use of Minecraft as a therapeutic tool.

The first stage is a 6hr online, self-study course. This will be launching Monday 31st July. After completing the self study course you can then take part in a live online, interactive training with a small group of fellow practitioners where you will build on the skills learned in the self study course and gain valuable, hands-on, experience in using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool.

We’re building a community of practitioners using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool so that we can all share our growing knowledge and expertise.

The self-study and live trainings will also be available as a package for organisations (with the option of having in-person training, location allowing). Please contact me for further information:

Watch this space and I look forward to welcoming you on to my training very soon!

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