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Relationships, Therapy and Play

Exciting ideas are going to come out of the the free ‘Now Play This’ lab on ‘Relationships, Therapy and Play’ taking place at Somerset House tomorrow. My amazing colleagues from Relate are going to be there alongside some fabulous game designers in an exploration of how games can help us think about and experience relationships in new ways – be it with partners, friends, family or colleagues (I got a sneak peak at what’s in store in a planning meeting with ‘Now Play This’ last week). In my practice I’ve been seeing first-hand how video games can be a fantastic tool in relationship and family counselling. By bringing people together in a game (whether it be a card game, a role-playing game, or video game like Minecraft or Roblox), you can observe and help them to look more closely at how they interact and solve problems and you can also encourage new healthy ways of relating. I’m super excited about what ideas this lab inspires.

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