Getting Tech-Savvy in Minecraft Webinar Recording

Getting Tech-Savvy in Minecraft Webinar Recording

Are you feeling out of your depth in Minecraft but want to use it therapeutically with clients?

In this webinar Ellie Finch shares essential information therapists need to safely and effectively work with clients in Minecraft.


    Topics covered in this Webinar:

    * Introduction to Minecraft controls and how to play - including some key game commands you'll need when working with clients.

    * Understand some of the differences between Minecraft Java and Minecraft (Bedrock) Editions.
 Also breaking news info about Minecraft Education Edition!

    * Intro to vital Privacy and Security settings you need to know about before working with clients in Minecraft.

    * Tips on how to protect your clients' data in Minecraft.

    * Learn solutions to some of the technical problems that can arise.

* Discover the difference between hosting a server, using 'Realms' or sharing a session.

    Recording length: 1hr 26mins



    14 days cancellation policy. Once recording is accessed you cannot request a refund.