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Watch this short film about Ellie's Therapeutic Adventures in Minecraft

Trainings currently available for enrollment...

Watch this video where Ellie introduces the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings in Using Minecraft as a Therapeutic Tool

University of Cambridge research project: Bridging the ChASM: Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft

About the project

I've teamed up with Monique Beckett and the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge to explore the use of Minecraft in counselling.

Monique Beckett and I first met when she approached me for consultancy on setting up a counselling service using Minecraft. We connected over our shared passion for using Minecraft in counselling. Her Master's dissertation at the University of Cambridge focused on ‘Using Minecraft to build therapeutic relationships’. Together, we launched the ‘Bridging the ChASM’ project to showcase Minecraft as a powerful therapeutic tool.

With support from Dr Fiona Peacock and Dr Ros McLellan within the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, we secured funding and created two films demonstrating how Minecraft can make counselling engaging and accessible. These films feature example sessions with children, a young person, a group, and a family.

This project has been a labour of love over many hours and months. We're proud to make these films freely available online - help us spread the word by sharing them with others!

Find out more about the Bridging the ChASM project here:

The Introductory film (above) explains more about the Bridging the ChASM project and the use of Minecraft in counselling.The Guide film (below) takes an in-depth look at using Minecraft therapeutically and provides examples of how we have used Minecraft in counselling sessions with individual children and young people, groups and families.


“I highly recommend Ellie Finch as a consultant in Minecraft for Therapists. She has expert knowledge of working with clients in Minecraft and shares her experiences in a really engaging way with enthusiasm and also patience for those of us that are not as used to working and playing in Minecraft. She has a clear way of explaining the necessary steps to ensure a secure setting for working in this software and does so with a warm and enthusiastic touch. I am now happily trying out Minecraft as I can really see how this can be vital resource for working with clients in all age groups, but especially young people. An innovative training for a cutting edge way of working therapeutically.”

Dr Rachael Klug, PHD, MSc, MBACP, Director ACTO with responsibility for CYP




Add to your toolkit

Are you a professional or organisation who wants to use video games like Minecraft with you clients but you're not sure where to start? Are you worried you don't know enough about gaming? Or are you unsure of how to transfer your gaming knowledge to your therapeutic work? I offer consultancy and training on using video games within therapeutic settings. I support professionals, who may have little to no gaming experience, to become confident in talking about and playing video games with their clients.

Scroll down for more information about the way I work using video games.


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