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Could computer games actually be good for your child?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

That’s the question I ask in my recently published article, that I've written for parents who may be worried about their child’s mental health. The restrictions that Covid-19 has imposed on children’s lives have taken their toll on the mental health of many young people. Children have turned to computer games even more during lockdown for entertainment and to connect with friends.

As a counsellor, I’ve been approached over the past few months by many parents who are worried about their child’s use of computer games as well as their child’s general mental well-being. In my article, I explore how computer games such as Minecraft could actually enable your child to engage with online counselling and help them to explore what is troubling them from the safety of their own home.

I specialise in supporting children and young people aged 8-18 who are struggling emotionally. I've developed an innovative online service engaging children and young people in therapy through computer games and creative applications such as Minecraft.

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