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Therapeutic Adventures in Minecraft: The Film

I want to share this lovely film made about my work using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool. I’ve been putting myself ‘out there’ a lot lately trying to share my work and trainings and it doesn’t come naturally to me at all. I love what I do but when it comes to making a film about it and putting it on social media, I am way out of my comfort zone! But the reason I’m doing this is to help more professionals meet children and young people in their comfort zone (video games they know and love, like Minecraft). I hope this film shows why I am so passionate about using Minecraft therapeutically.

A big thank you to Chris Smart Films for creating such a beautiful film and to Mountain Perspective for making this happen. To the the team at KEMP Hospice and the young actors thank you for your valuable contributions, we couldn’t have made this film without you.

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