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My day with Minecraft Education at BETT UK 2024!

I had a fab day on Friday 26th Jan with the Minecraft Education team at BETT UK 2024. It was a privilege to meet so many amazing people using Minecraft Education in such creative ways to engage children and young people. It was also awesome to be able to share my love of Minecraft with professionals who had only just come across the idea of using it in their schools.

I use Minecraft Education as a therapeutic tool in my counselling practice. I also provide training and consultancy to other professionals and organisations on the therapeutic use of videogames and other digital tools. I have developed a comprehensive training program on using Minecraft as Therapeutic Tool and also a free guide on how to access Minecraft Education as a therapist, individual, parent, or homeschooler: 

I also had the privilege of meeting many wonderful colleagues of mine in-person for the first time, including Dan Noble. Here we are at the Minecraft Education stand together.

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