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Unltd Award Winner!

Updated: Feb 22

I’m proud to announce my award from UnLtd, the UK’s foundation for social entrepreneurs. The award’s funding and tailored business support will significantly help me to develop my social enterprise.


A social enterprise is a business created to address a social or environmental issue. The issue I'm addressing is how to make mental health services accessible and engaging for children, young people, and families. I achieve this by providing training to health and social care professionals and organisations to work safely and competently with children and young people when using videogames therapeutically. This creates a new and innovative therapy pathway for children and young people in their comfort zone—videogames they know and love.


My Level 1 and Level 2 trainings in Using Minecraft as a Therapeutic Tool are open for enrollment here:


UnLtd funds and supports passionate and committed social entrepreneurs who are determined to tackle the key issues facing society today. For more information about the support offered by UnLtd go to 

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