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Since I first started using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool, I've been aware of how vast its worlds are (up to eight times the size of Earth!) and the importance of creating safe, defined spaces for clients during their sessions. I've achieved this by using island worlds or creating walled spaces in flat worlds where clients can build and create. This approach is similar to using Minecraft as a digital sandtray.


Image source: Minecraft

I wanted to expand this idea and create a Minecraft world that combines the digital sandtray experience with the familiar elements of the game.

Dan Noble from Outside the Blocks has helped bring this vision to life, and together we've created a Sandtray Therapy World in Minecraft. Our goal was to make the world resemble a traditional therapy room where sandtray work takes place.

Island Village.png

Try the Beta of our Sandtray Therapy World in Minecraft!

Discover a Unique Therapeutic Tool:

  • Safe Space: Our world creates a defined, safe space for therapeutic sessions.

  • Digital Sandtray: Experience a digital version of sandtray therapy within Minecraft.

  • Familiar Elements: Incorporates well-known Minecraft features and 'mobs.'

Special Features:

  • Custom Therapy Room: Includes a large sandtray and shelves with various figures.

  • Guided Experience: A guide helps you get started and explains controls.

  • Interactive Controls: Choose to fill the tray with sand, grass, snow, or leave it empty.

Enhanced Gameplay:

  • Custom Mobs: Figures stay in place and come in three different sizes.

  • Inventory Access: Most usual items available for creative scene building.

Join the Beta:

  • Free Access: Sign up to our mailing list to download the world files.

  • Your Feedback Matters: Help us improve by providing feedback on your experience.

  • Stay Updated: Receive notifications about updates and new features.

Explore the innovative Sandtray Therapy World in Minecraft and contribute to its development by joining our beta today!

To access the Education and Bedrock world files, we ask that you sign up for our Beta Testing mailing list. This allows us to keep you updated and request feedback, as the world is still in beta. Your input is crucial for improvements, and you'll be notified when new world files are available for download. Via this mailing list you will only be contacted by Ellie Finch about the Sandtray Therapy World and your details will not be passed to any third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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