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Are you worried about your child?

Sometimes a child or young person needs their own individual and confidential space with a counsellor to explore the issues they are facing, to deepen their awareness of their emotions and how to cope with them, as well as to develop ways to improve their relationships.

Not all children are up for engaging in standard talking therapy. That’s why I use video games, digital sandtrays and other digital platforms in my practice, so that children and young people are able to express themselves in ways that are comfortable, familiar and engaging to them. I offer real-time text message counselling as well as phone/voice and video counselling and this can also help engage reluctant children who might be anxious about video calls. 

I love what I do and I have spent the past decade understanding and finding the best way to support young people. I work at a deep level which means that I will get to the heart of what is going on for your child and help them to make sense of what is going on for them so that they are empowered to find their own way through their problems. I offer your child a confidential space to share how they are feeling and to explore what is going on in their world. I can support them to make sense of the things that are troubling them and find a way to share their feelings with the important people in their lives such as you, their parent.

I am very experienced at building a strong relationship with the young people I work with. In addition, my relationship with you as a parent is also really important to me. I offer an initial session with you and your child so that we can establish altogether how your child and I will work together. I can also meet you separately at first if you prefer.

In addition, I offer optional review sessions, where appropriate, which you are invited to so that your child can share their progress with you.


Choose your favourite


Games like Minecraft can be positive social environments where children and young people can learn social and emotional skills. Minecraft is like Lego or a sandtray – creative resources that would often be used by counsellors in face-to-face counselling.

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Some children and young people prefer to express themselves through text chat. Text messaging is a medium via which they often feel much more comfortable communicating. I offer text message counselling and find it a great way to engage children and young people who would otherwise have struggled to engage with counselling.



Chose from three different virtual sandtray applications and express yourself using the images and animations.

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Built using 3D gaming technology, ProReal’s immersive platform helps users create a visual representation of how they experience a situation, enabling them to explore different perspectives, visualise futures and solve problems.
Clients experience increased self-awareness and rapid empathy-building, leading to improved relationships. The use of ProReal is associated with significant reductions in stress when used in school counselling settings.

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Welcome to your virtual therapy room. Chose what you want to do today, play games and more.

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Puppets are a great way to engage children and encourage them to explore their feelings and experiences.

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