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Frequently parents contact me when a child in the family is showing signs of depression or anxiety. When a child is struggling like this it can often be about something the family as a whole is facing. Family counselling can help your family to bring these difficulties to the surface in a safe space so that you can work through them together and find new, more positive ways of being a family.

My belief is that you as the parent know what’s best for your child. I see my role as supporting you to be a ‘good enough’ parent (no one needs to be perfect and no one needs that pressure on themselves to be perfect). This isn’t parent coaching (though, there are lots of great parent coaches out there), but an opportunity to explore at a deep level what might be going on for your family.

It’s not always the whole family that attends, sometimes the work might be between one parent and a child, sometimes between siblings, sometimes it can be helpful for grandparents, carers, and friends to be involved. Families are all different and how we work together will depend on your unique needs.

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