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As well as being a parent of a child with additional needs myself, I have had specialist training in working with parents and siblings of children with additional needs; special needs, disabilities and complex medical conditions.

A personal message for parents of children with additional needs:

Perhaps you are stressed, tired, lonely, anxious or finding you sometimes just snap.

Perhaps you are struggling with depression and dark thoughts.

Perhaps you are finding yourself arguing with your partner more and more. Perhaps you have had to give up work to look after your child and have lost your sense of identity away from being a parent.

You may often find yourself wading through appointments and paperwork to do with your child’s health and education needs.

And if you are, I can tell you I have been there as I am a parent of a child with additional needs myself. I have gone through my own journey and found support and strength through counselling too. I may not have experienced the exact same situation as you, but I can offer you a non-judgmental and compassionate space to share your story.

Imagine having a space to make sense of all your fears and frustrations.

Imagine rediscovering your relationship with your children and your partner. Imagine feeling empowered to support your child.

Imagine getting yourself back and rediscovering who you are and what makes you happy.

Having a child with additional needs in your family is tough. You don’t need to do this on your own. If you need someone to talk to do contact me.

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Ellie's latest publications and conference presentations on supporting SEND parent carers:



Are you worried about your non-additional needs child?

Perhaps your non-additional needs child is struggling with their emotions, their relationships or at school? Being a sibling to a child with additional needs can be challenging in many ways and can bring up difficult feelings such as jealousy, anger, fear and embarrassment. I can offer a safe and confidential space for your child to explore and process what is going on in their world. I have worked with children and young people since 2009. I use virtual play rooms to engage children and young people and make use of the online medium by integrating music, film clips, online board games, informative videos and video books and more in to my online practice. I've also developed an innovative online service engaging children and young people in counselling through computer games they know and love such as Minecraft. You can find out more about my child counselling service here.

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